We’re thrilled to host another fundraiser! We launched our newest fundraiser in our VIP Group just yesterday. Any purchases made through this coming Sunday will benefit Peyton Heart Project.

Let us tell you a little about why we chose this global non-profit for our fundraiser.

About Peyton Heart Project

Peyton Heart Project

Peyton Heart Project began in 2014 as a way to help end suicide and bullying and the stigma surrounding mental health issues. We discovered them when our daughter, who lives with anxiety and depression, needed some professional mental health help earlier this year.

We asked our customers, friends, and family to send our daughter letters to let her know she’s not alone. An old friend sent her five of Peyton’s Hearts. She loved the concept and so did we. We ordered some to put in our customer’s packages.

Then we decided we wanted to do more.

We contacted Peyton Heart Project and asked if we could run a fundraiser. They said yes. Here we are!

How to Participate in the Fundraiser

First off, join our VIP Group. We decided to leave our inventory up all week so you can shop at your convenience. We will also be posting new outfits to the wall. Just comment SOLD on an image to purchase what you see.

We both have new inventory arriving, including new magical prints! We will go Live with our new inventory. Jenna will also be going Live a few times with TRL (Total Request Live), so watch for those.

If you currently can’t purchase due to any reason, consider sharing our fundraiser on your social media accounts or donate directly to Peyton Heart Project. We’d also love to see the photos of hearts from your packages with the hashtag #peytonheartproject. Tag us on Instagram at @llrdenisejenna.

Keep Talking

Beyond raising money for this awesome non-profit, our hope is to continue the discussion of mental health with our community. We will post prompts for everyone to talk about mental health throughout the week. You don’t have to participate if you don’t feel comfortable, but please know you are never alone.

Please reach out if you need help and need connected to resources. We want the best for everyone in our lives, and that includes wanting them to have access to quality mental health care.

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