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You’ve likely heard the hullabaloo around two of LuLaRoe’s newest styles, the Jaxon and the Harvey. Both are denim jackets with the Jaxon featuring a longer line while the Harvey is more of a cropped-style.

Maybe you’re sitting there thinking, “But like, LuLaRoe makes leggings. Why are they making denim jackets?” I feel it’s a valid question, and one that has an equally valid answer.

First and foremost, LuLaRoe isn’t just about the leggings. Have you tried our amazing skirts? My current personal favorite skirt is the Lucy. Lucy features a maxi length and a chiffon or lace overlay. It’s basically a dream. The Amelia remains my favorite dress because of one word: Pockets.

You can shop either style in our VIP Group.

But back to the denim.

LuLaRoe’s Chief Merchant, Patrick Winget, got his start in the fashion industry in denim. He knows denim. He’s calling the Jaxon and the Harvey the “most amazing denim/twill jackets ever made.” He’s not wrong.

My First Jaxon

LuLaRoe Jaxon

My first Jaxon arrived on Saturday. Denise told me that the denim was the softest she’d ever felt, but my brain couldn’t imagine what she meant. I had a nice enough denim jacket hanging in my closet. It was a mid-range price ($48) from a decent brand. But it was still boxy and, well, stiff denim.

Yes, LuLaRoe is known for soft leggings, but how would that softness translate into denim? Let me tell you: It translates in, quite simply, the most comfortable, softest, flattering denim jacket I’ve ever touched or worn.

The fit is made for a woman’s body. The fabric itself feels so soft I’d really like to get a pair of jeans in this particular mix. (I mean, I might actually wear jeans again if they feel like this!) The customization of each piece is phenomenal as well. Some are embroidered, some aren’t. The colors are unique, leaving me wanting one in each shade and different color.

LuLaRoe Jaxon

But that price, yeah?

I’ve heard questions regarding the price. Here’s the truth: A well-made denim jacket will run you around $100. As an example, Gap, known for their denim, prices theirs at $98. It’s not as soft, nor do they feature the unique customizations coming out of LuLaRoe for no increase in cost per jacket. Additionally, LuLaRoe isn’t charging more for the longer Jaxon than the shorter Harvey. Unheard of!

I am always willing to pay more for quality. My wool jackets all cost a pretty penny because they’re well made and, well, they’re wool. I did lose my first pea coat in a taxi in Philadelphia in college; that was a hard pill to swallow. Buh-bye cash-dollar-bulls.

Yes, I sell LuLaRoe. Yes, Denise and I carry the Jaxon and the Harvey. But I still flat out believe this to be the best denim jacket on the market. While I can order myself one at wholesale, I know I’ll purchase one (or more) at retail price so I can get the specific one(s) I want.

LuLaRoe Jaxon

But I got my unicorn in our first shipment. Yellow roses, a symbol of friendship. And joy. And good health. They’ve been my favorite flower for, well, as long as I’ve been old enough to have a favorite flower. Denise bought me a yellow rose encased in gold when our daughter was little as a symbol of our relationship as her adoptive and birth mothers. I see it every day on my desk.

What Jaxon or Harvey are you most wanting?

Feel free to drop a comment and let us know what you’re seeking in the Jaxon and Harvey. While you’re at it, join our VIP Group to see what we have in stock and learn how you can earn yourself a FREE Jaxon or Harvey.

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