How do you get the most out of Lularoe? Host a Lularoe party, of course!

Hosting a party is easy. We’ll walk you through two quick scenarios to show you how easy it is.

Host a Lularoe Party and Earn Free Clothes!

Host a Lularoe Party ONLINE

If you don’t live local to either Denise or Jenna, setting up an online party is surprisingly easy. We’ll set up a Facebook event for a date and time of your choosing—one that also works with our schedule. You can invite whomever you want through the Event. When the time comes, we’ll post our inventory online for your online party attendees to browse. They simply write “sold” under the photo of the item they’d like to purchase. Each person purchasing an item fills out a form with their information. We send the invoice to the customer, they pay the invoice, and we ship the customer their items. You don’t have to lift a finger, mail anything, deliver any packages. Nothing. We handle it all! For every TEN items sold at your party, you earn one free item from our inventory (minus dresses). We’ll ship you your goodies and anything you purchase (which also counts toward total number sold). You earned free clothing without doing more than having online friends. BOOM!


Host a Lularoe Party IN-HOME

Pick a time and date that works with your schedule, and ours. We’ll, again, set up a Facebook event to invite your friends. If you need us to send snail-mail to anyone, we can do that as well; you don’t have to! We’ll bring our inventory TO YOUR HOME. We’ll set up our garment racks, bags and bins full of shirts and skirts and leggings. Your invited guests show up, shop our inventory, try on new clothes, and make their purchases. Like our online party, for every ten items sold, you earn one (minus dresses). At the end of the night, you get to keep your earned pieces and purchased ones (which count toward total number sold). As a bonus, you’ve just had a fun night with friends—and maybe we’ll have met some new friends, too. Win-win.

As you can see, it’s easy and fun to host a Lularoe party. We want it to be fun and easy for you, so we’ll do everything we can to help you and your customers have the best possible shopping experience. If you have any questions about how to host a Lularoe party OR want to book a party right now, please contact us. We’d love to help!